About Us – Letters and Gifts from the Magical Village of Santa Claus

 Take a journey back in time by traveling through our Magical Village of Santa Claus.

Imagine the distinct scent of the pine Christmas tree with gleaming ornaments and colorful holiday lights. Enjoy the fresh aroma of the gingerbread and cinnamon spice cookies and gourmet hot cocoa in the air. Feel and adore the breathtaking anticipation of Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.

Captivate these unforgettable moments on their innocent faces and remember how wonderful it felt when you were the same age. Don’t you wish we could go back in time and relive those long past magical Christmases?

These traditions and memories shape our character that will last a lifetime and will be passed down through generations. Create a beautiful memory for a loved one with an adoring keepsake that will mesmerize them today and put forward warm and cheerful memories for the future and a beautiful family tradition to follow for years to come.

 At Letters and Gifts From Santa, you will find the most amazing letters from Santa Claus, an outstanding personalized letter from Santa, or a scroll filled with the assurance of a magical Christmas full of fascinating secrets that all children would love to receive.

Children are fascinated by the magic of Christmas spirit; A special personal letter from Santa, the joyful experience of hustle and bustle of the holidays, the hope of catching a glimpse of Santa and the reindeer as they are delivering beautiful presents in the wee hours of Christmas Eve. Imagine the delightful smile when they receive their very own Nice List Certificate.

Nice List Certificate

A Nice list Certificate is a very important part of the Christmas tradition. This special certificate will let them know that Santa knows they have been good this year and he will definitely visit them on Christmas Eve to deliver some wonderful gifts.

Our in house custom design red and gold Nice list Certificate will be authenticated with a custom seal and magical North Pole gold dust.

What is New this Year?

 We worked very hard to create a new home for Santa with a beautiful presentation. We really hope you will like it.

New packages this year are the special letter scroll packages with Nice List Certificate, toys and a variety of sweets you can only get at this time of the year.

All our gift packages comes with a gold monogrammed Santa bag, to create an extra special experience for the little recipients.

Now you have the option to pre-order a Summer Card from Santa which will be mailed out at mid-summer time for your little ones. Santa wants to let them know that even in the summertime he is thinking about them, and if they are being good then there is a very good chance he will visit them again next Christmas.

Family Gift Packages

With a special gift like a beautiful 20” tall Santa, or a Christmas design puzzle and some gourmet holiday treats the whole family can enjoy during the Holidays. These family Christmas packages offers great fun for the entire family! Shop for family gift Packages;

Elf On the Shelf Gift Package

The Elf on the Shelf gift package offers a new and fun tradition to adopt for the family. Read more about it on our Pre-Christmas page and have fun with your children before the holidays.

Packages from Santa

Our Packages from Santa are filled with toys and keepsakes will be an amazing surprise to the little ones and your dearest friends and enhance the magical experience of the holidays.

Adult Santa Packages

If you have an adult friend whom you would like to send a secret gift from Santa, we gathered some extra special gift that will be a heartwarming experience to receive.